• €48.00

This piece symbolically recreates the phases of the Moon and
its passage from New Moon to Full Moon.   It is made by combining spherical and semi-spherical pieces
of gold-plated brass with Selenite (white) or Aventurine Cry
stal (dark blue with sparkles) spheres.   The Crystal of Aventurine is a crystal whose composition was
discovered in the XVII century by Italian alchemist monks,
its secret formula was kept for many years by the Miotti
family. Its night blue color and the flashes of its interior
make observing it like looking at the starry sky.   Selenite is a mineral that gets its name for its type of
reflection, very similar to that of moonlight. Legend has it
that this stone comes from the Moon itself.   The spheres measure 10mm and the chain 48cm. It is plated
in 18kt gold and is free of nickel and lead.